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Part-time French teachers – Self-employed work – starting September 2014

Parlez-vous français ?

We are looking for a native French speaker to help run fun language learning clubs for children up to 11 years old in Canada Water area, near Rotherhithe, Deptford, Greenwich and around the South East London area.

Requirements :

- A teaching background would be useful, or experience working with children in any capacity.

- The ideal candidate will have fluent conversational French to a high level, accurate accent & pronunciation. You must also be fluent in English. But more importantly, we are looking for lively and enthusiastic people with a great smile, good singing voice, sense of fun and a love of kids!

- Please note a CRB disclosure will have to be obtained for you (unless you have one) for which there is an initial cost, part of which is refunded after a term work.

- Part-time work (anything from 2 to 12 hours per week). Hours would suit a parent with a young family or a student. Term time only, both during school hours and after school but you MUST be able to complete the full term of classes.

- This is self-employed work.

Full training and all course materials will be provided. From £10.50 per hour after training.

If you are interested, please send your CV and a brief resume to Aude at [email protected]

Closing date for replying – Wednesday 20th of August.

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Re:Part-time French Teacher/assistant position - Self-employed

Bonjour M./Mme

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