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I met Ludo a few weeks ago and he was complimenting me on the “styling” work done on a common friend and suddenly he asked: “Mais au fait… tu ferais pas les mecs par hazard? J ai un marriage en Aout et je n’ ai jamais porté de costume ni de belles chaussures!!!” – “By the way, you don’t do guys by any chance? I have a wedding in August and I never worn a suit nor dress shoes!!!” Well…. Bring it on Ludo, the challenge is mine!!!! I can secretly admit that I love dressing men ;-) - I have also learnt how to, back in the days! - so that was a real pleasure.

Profile: 30 years old, handsome, well-built, tall and most importantly clueless about suits and Dress shoes. Monsieur is a Diesel denim, T-shirt & All Stars type of guy! When a suit was needed, he was borrowing it from a mate and same for leather shoes… Ouch!

Budget: £1000

My Idea: Navy Blue, slim fit, 2 buttons- Dark blue double cuff shirt- Slim navy blue ties- Classic, fitted, not over the top otherwise Ludo will not feel comfortable.

So, Off I went the day before to Paul Smith in Covent Garden to have an idea of what I could find him. I met Blake, a very helpful Sale Man who showed me around. I booked an appointment with him for the following day. Then a quick look around Jermyn Street and I was ready to tackle our Shopping day!

Friday: Meeting in Covent Garden at 11 am starting with a double Expresso to give us the energy for the long day ahead!

Blake was free when we arrived, he showed us a couple of suits: First one was a slim fit and a bit too shiny for the liking of my friend… Very tight when sat down and not so comfy under the arms, so Blake disappeared and came back with the perfect suit! Colour, size and price (50% Off) … perfect!!! Just the length to alter, the jacket was almost made to measure so nothing to do. 




Fitting session and advices from Blake… "Ludo kiffe!!!!" - "Ludo enjoys!!!" 

Price: £380 (Was £760)

Then direction Jermyn Street for: The shirt, the tie, cufflinks and shoes.

Hawes & Curtis was on sale too, and as soon as we entered, we both saw THE shirt. We spent a good 45 minutes in another shop before without having a “coup de Coeur”, so this one was The One! Kercy (manager of the shop) found us the correct size and advised us on the tie. He went all over the shop to find what we wanted. It is such a fabulous experience when you create a relationship with the Sales people. They are so knowledgeable and so helpful. If you want to find Kercy, he is now based in Hawes & Curtis at the London Wall near Liverpool Street. He will look after you!

Price: 2 shirts (Dark Blue & Black… Yes, Ludo is starting to feel comfortable buying AND wearing formal shirts!)  for £50… Bargain!

Unfortunately for Kercy I had a very precise idea of the tie and we already found it at TM Lewin. We also got a very simple and elegant pair silver cufflinks.

Price: 2 ties (Navy & Black) for £60 – Cufflinks: £20

This done, we indulged ourselves with a platter of “Charcuterie” and cheese and of course a glass of Cotes du Rhone!! Ah Ces francais ;-) – Ah those French ;-)

 Final step: The shoes. With my luxurious taste, I dragged Monsieur to Crockett & Jones. Price ranges from £350. I must say, if you are used to dress shoes, this is beautifully crafted and well-designed shoes which will last years… But Ludo has NEVER worn dress shoes and was not psychologically ready to spend that much, so I took him to Russell & Bromley. There we found the ideal pair: Not too shiny, not too pointy, plain leather, comfortable and Money friendly. We got him the shoe tree (essential for your shoes After care), some polish and the brush. “La totale!”- “The whole lot!”- 



Price: £200 (shoes + shoe  tree + polish + brush)

“Mission accomplie”. “Mission Accomplished!” My feet hurt after 6 hours walking in high heels but seeing the smile on my friend’s face. It is all worth it!

His original budget was £1000 and ended up paying £710 (+ my fees £100)

Now Off to the Pub! It is well deserved!

On Monday night we met again to finalise the outfit and correct if necessary... Actually no need, he's got it all! 


"A wisky on the rock please"... 


" I just look good, don't I???"


... and a profile Pic. 


Wardrobe organisation/Styling

Emeline Denis

@: [email protected]


Paul Smith Floral Street

40-44 Floral Street Covent Garden WC2E 9TB

+44 (0) 207 379 7133 

Ask for Blake


33–34 Jermyn Street



+44 (0)20 7734 1390 


Jermyn Street Men's

103-106 Jermyn Street London, SW1Y 6EQ GB

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Jermyn Street


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