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photo_8.jpgOn the 12th June, the Somerset House was hosting the first annual Jewellery show In London. The two day event, which ran from 12-13th June 2012, showcased over 90 of the most creative and exclusive UK and international Jewellery designers and brands. New designs and trends were presented and the very first Baccarat exhibition in London was organised. I was lucky enough to be invited to the evening Event where Baccarat was presenting, amongst others, its new Jewellery collections “L’Illustre”, “Riviera” and “Medicis”.

Champagne in the “Vega” Flutes was pouring  and canapés were a delight to the guests… all of this surrounded by the most amazing, hand-crafted Jewellery pieces and the majestic “Out of Focus” chandelier hanged in the middle of the room as a king on its throne.


A little bit of history: Baccarat is the name of a village in the Lorraine region of eastern France. In 1764, during the Age of Enlightenment, King Louis XV authorised the Bishop of Metz to establish a glassworks in the village of Baccarat. To meet the desire for decorum and ceremonial of French society during the Restoration period, the Belgian industrialist and great crystal specialist Aimé-Gabriel d’Artigues took over the glassworks and converted production entirely to lead crystal. Ever since, Baccarat never stopped to excel in innovations and unique designs in fields such as Lighting, Tableware, Decoration and Furniture. In 1916, Georges Chevalier began a partnership with Baccarat and took the Brand into the modernity of the 20th century and created the very first pieces of Jewellery – the geometric “Louxor” ring. It is only in 1994 that Baccarat started developing Jewellery collections with the best designers: Lorenz Baumer, Catherine Knoll, Gina Bruzzi, Peggy Huyn Kinh and the most recent: Sandrine Cohen, Savinel & Rozé, Stephanie Bascou, Stefano Poletti, Elie Top, Aude Lechère etc…

L’Illustre Collection: Graphic and intimate, the collection is inspired by the red crystal octagon found in all Baccarat chandeliers. Ever-present in the Baccarat collections since the early nineteenth century, the signature octagonal tassel was featured in 1876, on the perfume bottle “Diamants Pierreries”. Set in silver, with a harmony of various shades of red “L’Illustre” transforms crystal into a dewdrop. As a small, long or plastron necklace, an openwork bracelet, a signet ring or even a pair of cufflinks, the all range exudes its poetic charm!

From £185.00. Available in stores from July 2012



“Riviera” Collection: Basking in the warm sun, alongside its cruises, Baccarat launches its 2012 Riviera jewellery theme. A summery and ultra-feminine collection that captures the mirage of escape. With mirrored or Riviera clear crystal set in sterling silver. Each piece celebrates the unique light of the Mediterranean. Ever deeper and more intense, the flash of indigo elevates a range of rings, earrings, small and long necklaces that shimmer like the ocean. The ultimate summer accessory: The cuff bracelet and the large choker necklace!

From £180.00. Available in stores from July 2012


“Medicis” Collection: Baccarat revisited the “Medicis” collection with lightness and simplicity. Warm shades such as mahogany and amber look faultless in vermeil! A suite of blue and purple sits wonderfully in their silver setting. An invitation to create playful and personalised compositions!

From £155.00. Available in stores from September 2012.



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