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On the 19th May, I organised with Hania, the creator of SPA MAROC, the very first SPA MAROC trunk show!

Held in a beautiful Moroccan restaurant, Souk Medina in Covent Garden, the ambiance was ideal to introduce the brand and the exclusive Holisitic Organic treatments. There was a group of seven Ladies from different backgrounds all passionate about natural cosmetics and cautious about what their skin can absorb!!! A perfect Saturday afternoon sipping Moroccan Mint tea, testing cosmetics, networking and feeling very special to discover SPA MAROC!!!

Hania first explained to us where her inspiration came from:

SPA MAROC was inspired by my Aunty Tahra. Her husband used to name her “Al Moumna” (The Lovely Heart). She could never hurt anybody but only heal people. She travelled a lot in her youth with her father who was a silky merchant and as they took many detours, she learnt about the virtues of botanicals. Many years later, Al Moumna decided to use her knowledge to make Natural and Holistic remedies and became a very famous holistic healer in Sala”. Hania learnt a lot from her and started her own business many years ago. It always starts with a dream, doesn’t it?!

After the Introduction part, we moved on to the interesting and most important part: Trying the products!!!! Looking, Smelling, touching… a real pleasure for the senses!!!! The treatments were presented one after the other so all of us could use the samples to try them and listen to how they were made, how to use them and most importantly what good it would do to our skins! 


I think we were all projecting ourselves on how gorgeous we will feel once we are the happy owners of these products, and that our bathrooms looks like a Moroccan Spa…


 The treatments range from £9.50 to £36 and all our lucky clients were awarded with a £5 redeemable “Magic Voucher” from £20 of purchase on the date of the event and a 10% discount on their next purchase! Natural beauty affordable… Just what we like!


Some of our guests also offered to host their own “Trunk show” at home and I am planning in organising more Beauty afternoons on a regular basis. So, if you are interested to join us for a few hours of pampering, please get in touch with me on [email protected]



Spa Maroc:

  • Anti-Ageing Holistic UNISEX Treatment designed to Love Yourself, Share & Show you care.
  • Loaded with powerful Organic botanical:  Argan oil, Frankincense, Roses, Pomegranate, Orange blossom. 
  • Saves: Skin, Time, Money, Planet, Space.

Credit photo: Mael pour bealondoner.

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