Illegal Taxis - Attention, danger!

Article reviewed: 2013/01/27 | Next review due: 2014/08/15

There are quite a few illegal taxis floating around London. They often operate at night and waiting outside clubs, bars and lively areas of the city at closing time. They are absolutely to be avoided!

There have been a number news items involving abuse from taxi drivers in recent years in London, with a major offender recently being convicted and jailed. The majority of assaults occurred because of unlucky travelers using unofficial taxis, driven illegally by unlicensed drivers.

Watch out for unlicenced taxis; they are illegal and are not cheaper. With the number of taxis in London limited, it can sometimes be difficult to find one, but don’t opt for an illegal taxi – it can be a very dangerous choice. You are getting into a car with a stranger.

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