Parking for scooters and motorbikes

Article reviewed: 2013/01/11 | Next review due: 2014/07/30

London is divided into a number of different, separately run boroughs. Rather confusingly, each district operates a different motorbike/scooter parking policy. Before you park your scooter, you need to check which borough you are in and confirm the parking rules of the area.

Please note however that, unlike many European cities, scooters are not tolerated when parked on London pavements, unless the pavement in particularly large or you are on someone’s private land.

Also, it’s good to be aware that London traffic wardens are often paid on commission, meaning that even if you run over on your parking by just a few minutes, you will be quickly fined up to £80 (reduced to £40 if you pay within 15 days)

If you want to park in your neighbourhood, ask your Local Council for a residence permit. Depending on the borough in which you live, then generally cost around £30p.a., allowing you to park your scooter on your local streets. Even with this permit, however, make sure you stick to the resident’s parking rules as you can still get tickets for parking offenses, even with a resident’s permit!

Theft prevention

Scooter and motorbike thefts are commonplace in London. To prevent theft, we recommend attaching both wheels somewhere secure, such as a pole, streetlamp, or railing. For securing up both wheels to a fixed pole, you’ll need a 1.5m length of chain. To secure your frame, you can use an anti-theft device, however quality varies vastly from brand to brand. Some anti-theft locks only withstand 30 seconds of tampering, however the best that we have seen is the model Almax Immobiliser Series III SS65CS Squire Stronghold Lock. It is a burglar-resistant chain that withstands up to 5 minutes of tampering/burglary attempt. Only available from the internet (, at £150 they are quite expensive, but certainly worth the investment. Scooter thefts are commonplace in London. It is quite expensive, count £ 149.95 for a model Almax Immobiliser Series III SS65CS Squire Stronghold Lock. You are advised to take the model with a string of 1.5 meters in order to attach the two wheels at a pole.

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