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Article reviewed: 2013/01/24 | Next review due: 2014/08/12

Driving a scooter around London is one of the more convenient means of transport, saving precious time in traffic, whilst also avoiding the use of public transport in London, which can often be crowded or delayed at peak times. So here's a little nudge to help you decide if two wheels is best for you...

First off, we have the 50cc engine. A cheaper option, it's less expensive at around £600 for a used scooter, with insurance usually at around £200p.a. Ideal for making your way through traffic jams, a 50cc will get you around the city. In terms of fuel efficiency, it'll do around 100miles/160km on a tank, costing around £6 for a fill-up. The only small problem is that it really isn't big enough or fast enough to be driving on the motorway, nor is it particularly well suited for passengers. For this type of vehicle, you need a minimum of a CBT permit on your licence.

Next is the 125 cc scooter, a little more expensive than the 50cc, but still affordable. It is perfect for nipping in and out traffic as it is fast enough for both maneuverability and over-taking. A 125cc engine can also carry an extra person without difficulty and can go fast enough for the motorway should you need to travel further. Fuel consumption works out at around £8 per 100 miles / 160km, with insurance costing about £300 p.a.

You can also find scooters over 125cc. These larger engines are less manouvreble through the traffic, but are ideal for journeys for faster travel or more frequent motorway use. Bikes over 125cc require additional driving training – a motorcycle test for automatic or manual transmission will need to be taken and passed in order to update a motorbike licence.

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  • CBT: Compulsory basic training

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