Thames River Boats

Article reviewed: 2013/01/28 | Next review due: 2014/08/16

For those with their sea legs, a water shuttle service is also available for travel around London. Using the Thames River Boat, the shuttles can take you from one bank of the Thames to the other, or from one side of London across the city to the other.

You can travel from the O2 Arena and Greenwhich, to Tower Hill and onto Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

Being part of Transport for London, you will find information about schedules, departure points and tours on their website.


Oyster card and travelcard holders are entitled to a 33% discount on travel by river ferry. The cost of a roundtrip from Savoy to Woolwich Arsenal, for example, would be £4.30.


Shuttles run regularly every 5 minutes on weekdays and every 10 minutes during evenings and weekends. The service begins at 5:30 am and ends between 23:30 and 0:30.

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