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There are a number of London railway lines connecting the surrounding areas and suburbs of London to the heart of the city.

There are five overground lines forming a circular link around the city. These include:

  • Euston to Watford
  • North London Line
  • West London Line
  • Gospel Oak to Barking line
  • East London line

These rail lines are commonly used by commuters who live in further out from the centre and have to commute in for work. The majority of stations are accessible from the underground stations, for example, Highbury and Islington station serves both the underground and overground trains.

To travel on these lines, you can use your Oyster card ", a travelcard or you can buy a normal train ticket. Prices vary depending on the area where you travel, for example, travel in Zone 1 and 2 is less expensive than traveling from Zone 1 to 3, 4, 5 or 6.


  • North London Line: four trains per hour Monday to Saturday by three hours after 20h. Two trains per hour on Sunday.
  • West London Line, two trains per hour with additional trains during peak hours, Monday through Saturday.
  • Gospel Oak to Barking Line: two trains per hour, but three trains per hour during peak hours.
  • Watford DC Line: three trains per hour Monday to Saturday
  • East London line: up to 16 trains per hour, from Highbury & Islington or Dalston Junction, to New Cross Gate, Crystal Palace and West Croyden.

The Overground is part of Transport for London (TFL), so you can use the TFL site to work out the best route for you to take using their Journey Planner.

Additionally, the Oyster-tube-and-rail-map and the London-tube-map provide detailed information on London train and overground connections.

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