Eurostar – Just two hours from London to Paris

Article reviewed: 2013/01/27 | Next review due: 2014/08/15

The Eurostar is a high-speed train linking the UK and mainland Europe. Launched in 1994, the train reaches a speed of 300kph and connects London Kings Cross/St Pancras station to Paris Gare du Nord, Lille, Calais and Brussels.

Taking the Channel Tunnel, the departure station at London is King’s Cross/St. Pancras and is easily accessible by underground, bus or train. An easy alternative to plane or ferry, the Eurostar takes 2h15m from London to Paris, with around 17 round trips per weekday and 20 on Fridays.


A return journey from London to Paris costs around £100, however with promotional offers or advanced booking, this can be reduced to as low as £59.

There are three classes of travel; Standard, Standard Premier and Business Premier. Business Premier sears are located in the middle of the train, and a full-service restaurant meal as well as alcoholic drinks are included with any ‘Premier’ ticket. For lunch or dinner, starters and desserts are fixed, but travellers have a choice of meat, vegetarian or fish for the main course.

For Standard class travellers, no meals are included, however there is a food service carriage serving hot and cold meals, snacks and drinks.

Security and customs

All passengers using the Eurostar are subject to customs control. Inspections include baggage x-ray and identity checks (ID card/passport for EU citizens; passport for non-EU citizens).

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