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Arriving in London with a healthy savings pot gives that luxury of settling in with comfort and less hassle. This is a typical minimum budget for a one week or one month period.


With regards to housing, you may prefer to live alone in a studio or small apartment rather than flatsharing. Many rental agencies can help you find something you’re looking for within your budget. For example, on gumtree, you can find a luxury studio in Angel (Islington, an upscale neighbourhood in Zone 1) for £295 per week, including all bills. You will usually have to provide one month’s rent in advance as well as a one month deposit.


For travel, in addition to your Oyster card at £25.80 a week, you can also budget in a taxi fare of £10 per week for added convenience.


If your budget is unlimited and you prefer high-end food products, you won’t be disappointed with a trip to Waitrose, one of the more expensive but higher quality supermarkets around. Expect to pay £34 per week for an average weekly shop.

Therefore, with a minimum budget of £350 per week or £1,411 per month, you should find the comfort and quality of life to suit your needs.

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