Samir, Senior Account Manager

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Samir is 34 and arrived in London in 2001. After graduating from business school in Bordeaux, he began his career in Paris, where he also a grew up,

I was working in the Paris office of an English company when they offered me a role in London – I accepted immediately!

The company then took care of everything: work permit (Samir is Algerian in origin); bank account; National Insurance number... I was able to settle in quickly and luckily I could stay with my brother whilst I was looking for an apartment.

Specialising in software sales, Samir is responsible for customer relations and business development. He adds,

I love London for its openness. Here it doesn’t matter if you wear a veil or a burka, everyone is there to work.

Not being an EU citizen, Sam must renew his work permit regularly,

It's a pretty tight situation, in order to get my permit renewed, the company I work for has to prove that I am the only one who can fill my position, so I'm a bit stuck having to remain in my company to continue working.

Sam lives in Angel in Islington, North London, flatsharing with a young woman from India.

I like living here because we can do everything in London. I recently started doing Parkour: the art of travel. It’s starting to get popular now, but the idea is to go from point A to point B in as few turns as possible.

A return to France?

I regularly take trips to Paris for work or to visit family but for now ,I’m in London and I don’t see myself moving back in the near future.

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