Marc, City seller, fixed income sales

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Based in London for 6 years now, Marc works in fixed income sales for a Japanese bank in the City, the headquarters of the financial world. After studying finance in france, he decided to leave his native Normandy to work in Paris. Motivated and ambitious, he quickly managed to get hired within a U.S. bank.

He soon realised the limitations imposed by his position within France,

Changes in position are frozen, making it difficult to climb higher and become a seller without the right contacts or connections.

Marc’s inquiries quickly indicated that London was the place where he could unleash his professional ambitions. He therefore requested a transfer from Paris to London within the same bank.

My employer did everything ahead of my arrival in London: housing, bank account ... even a taxi at the airport! I decided to take on a roommate to improve my English, which was at that time quite poor.

During his first years in London, things were not easy for Mark.

My English was from what I’d learnt at school. I could not make myself understood by others, nor have the time to understand them. The hardest thing was not being able to be humorous in conversation, which looked bad in front of others.

These integration difficulties aside, his career was a succession of successes. Marc says that it would not have been possible in Paris, for example:

In Paris if you don’t have ambition in finance, you will not change. There is so little room to move up, places are often reserved for the elite straight out of HEC or schools. Here, I have evolved fast enough and made my career succeed through hard work and motivation. If you aim for what you want, you can only succeed.

Despite the bankruptcy of its largest employer and the financial crisis, Marc continues his way in the City. He enjoys London for it’s many golf courses and also it’s cosmopolitanism.

Living in London is such an enriching experience that makes you want to hang on, even when there are harder times.

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