Julien, Manager of the Tate Modern Magazine

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Julian has lived in London for eight years. Self-taught, he arrived without qualifications and spoke little English, however he is now employed at the Tate Modern as Magazine Manager, having previously worked as a Press contact for magazines devoted to contemporary art such as ‘No Brow’.

At 32, and fully ensconced in the world of contemporary art, he hopes to one day open his own gallery, whilst continuing to work in the publishing world. Julien remembers,

I started as a bartender Chez Gerard and then I became a sommelier for the restaurant L'Escargot in Soho. Even before leaving my home in Bordeaux, I knew what I wanted to live in London!

His main goal was always to move to London and work at Tate Modern. Having worked there for four years now, he says

I started working in restaurants in order to perfect my English. I had to learn quickly as it can be very lonely living in country in which you can’t speak the language! I had to learn everything!

After a spell of six months, Julien took a leap of faith and applied for a role at Tate Modern,

The day I was hired at the Tate is one of my greatest memories in London! I finally realised my dream!

Since moving to London, Julien has always lived in shared accommodation,

It’s a great way to meet new people from all walks of life, I’ve lived with Brazilians, Australians, Indians, New Zealanders... it opens your mind to other cultures.

Julien recently moved to Hackney, near London Fields. Being so close to the art galleries of Shoreditch, he is in his element.

From his experience in living in London, Julien adds,

In France you need the qualifications to succeed, but I got what I wanted here through hard work and tenacity. They give you a chance here if you're willing to work hard – don’t be daunted and above all never give up!

For now, Julien has no plans to return to France,

London is my new home, sweet home!


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