Emeline, Marketing Coordinator in the luxury retail industry

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Emeline moved to London in 2003, leaving her native France to experience life in a foreign country. With a marketing qualification in hand, she arrived with a goal of finding a job as soon as possible! After a few days, Emeline says,

I took a dozen CVs and went to every shop in Oxford Street to find a job. A week after I’d arrived, I met a French woman who worked at Aldo and it took off from there.

Having moved around London four times, she is currently flatsharing in Peckham with another French national, having quickly made friends.

With ambitions to build a career in the luxury industry, she patiently climbed the ladder, working her way up from sales assistant to marketing coordinator for a high-profile company within the luxury retail industry.

Then I landed a job selling Selfridges for Loewe. I worked there for 18 months, but due to health problems I had to stop. I found myself out of work and applied for a job at Asprey, where I began a working in the admin offices rather than on the shop floor.

First hired within the Executive Customer Service department, she applied internally for a marketing position,

The HR manager helped me to get the job, we went through my CV together and she gave me advice for the interview, it was an incredible opportunity! I was able to get the job I wanted: marketing assistant.

Unluckily, however, the department went through a restructure and Emeline and her colleagues were made redundant,

After all that, I was looking for another job. Happily, after one month I found a marketing job at Baccarat.

Since then, she held the position of Marketing Co-ordinator within the UK arm of Baccarat. With her continuing desire for career progression, at 29 she is resuming studies, enrolled in a graduate night class at the London School of Marketing.

From London, she likes the openness and the coolness of the British,

I love working with people from the UK, they have a very different way of working… they are open-minded and pragmatic. I love their composure! In addition, I’ve really improved my standard of English.

But her experience has not been without disappointment,

I had just arrived in London and all of my important documents had gone! It was a very traumatic experience as my English wasn’t great, and I couldn’t get any help from the French consulate! I soon found myself running out of money with no papers – it should have discouraged me at the time, but it made me want to hang on even more! I don’t regret it!

Her best memories?

Whenever I’m offered a job! Especially when I was hired for a marketing role at Asprey.

Is a return to France on the cards?

Yes, in a year. My boyfriend moved after my graduation and I plan on joining him to continue my career in luxury retail. Having solid professional experience, excellent English, and an amazing experience of life in London… I’m sure it will open doors for me once I return to France.


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