Anna, Associate Director at Ipsos

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After arriving in London in February 2007, Anna, 32, adapted quickly to hectic London life. With a love of the world of art and fashion, it was only natural that she moved to Brick Lane in East London.

Specialising in marketing, Anna had already found a job before arriving in London, so she only needed to find an apartment on arrival.

In my first apartment search, I had much stress, fatigue and disappointment visiting and revisiting slums, I finally found a nice, trendy room in a central London! I arranged a meeting with the ‘so-called’ landlord to collect documentation and pay the deposit. I had to meet him in a car park in zone 5 where I met a mustachioed man in his Mercedes to hand over my £800. Not very reassuring! It all ended well, but I’m not convinced it was all completed above board so beware as it seems that there are often unregulated scams in London. You have been warned!

Anna loves London because for her, the city offers better career opportunities and the culture is both abundant and vibrant. Professionally, she started her career as a Research Manager at Research Now (an online market research agency), then after a year she found a job as an Associate Director at Ipsos ASI (an advertising market research agency).

When asked what the French love so much in London? She responds with a knowing wink

I’m not sure, is it the weather, or the food(!)?

And an eventual return to France?

No, not right now because there is not enough work in France and above all I still have lots of discoveries to be made in London. I really want to take the time to visit the rest of England and the UK. I’m not bored of London so I have no reason to leave.

Anna has chosen to live in bustling East London due to it’s youthful scene of fashion and art.

East London ( is a lively area, home to many artists and those with a keen interest in art, music, architecture, dance and design, seems to be constantly setting the latest trends. There are many markets in the area including Columbia Road (flower market) and Broadway Market (where you can taste a traditional English pie) as well as London Fields Park and many local pubs.

Always looking for fun new British activities, Anna’s best memory of London is the day she won at the races:

I won the fabulous sum of £ 1.50 at the Walthamstow dog races! I was very happy!

I can’t get enough of London life!

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