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Article reviewed: 2013/01/11 | Next review due: 2014/07/30

As we all know, preparation is key before any big move. Below are some tips to help in your organization:

ID papers

Firstly, consider scanning your ID and important documents (passport, driving licence, etc.) and email it to yourself, then if you lose your copies, you can just print it off again

Professional references

If you are on good terms with your former employer, ask him for a reference so that you can provide one on short notice once you arrive in London. When looking for work, references are vital so keep hold of your former employer’s contact details, including email address and phone number (make sure that the person providing the reference can speak English).

Student/education transcripts

If you are a student, request a referral letter from one of your teachers and ideally, get a copy of your course transcript as prove of courses studies, as you’ll be asked for these when you register at any new College or University.

Bank account

If coming from overseas, check with your bank to see if they can help you in setting up an account at one of their London branches. Most international banks should be able to facilitate this. Otherwise, ask about the exchange rate and what the bank would take as commission.

Exchanging currency

Our website updates the € / £ exchange rate daily, found on the top right hand corner of the home page.

Also, it is important not to walk around with all of your savings in cash; London is known for its pickpockets.

The best place to exchange foreign currency is the Post-Office (Post Office). There's one near King's Cross if you arrive from the Eurostar (Caledonian Rd Post Office, N1 9DN), alternatively search the yellow pages for your nearest post office via Yellow pages.

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