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Bealondoner was setup after three French friends settled in London in 2002. Despite working in different sectors as diverse as finance, IT and marketing, we all had similar experiences living in London and quickly realised that we should share our experience, knowledge (and mistakes!) with anyone wishing to take the plunge and relocate to London!

Initially our main source of information was our own experience, however we wanted to delve deeper into every aspect that might be useful. We conducted months of research, speaking to expats, various UK organisations and conducting interviews to get the most up-to-date and valuable information to help you settle in London.

Our main objective

One of our main goals is to provide quality, practical information to meet the needs of any newcomers. We don’t have tourist information like ‘Olde English Pubs of London’ or ‘The Best Sightseeing Locations’ – there are hundreds of sites around for just that… we collect and detail specific information for the people who live in London.

Quality information

For this, we have a team of journalists and editors working full time on our site to give you clear and accurate information. The quality of the information and our positive user testimonies should speak for themselves, giving you the peace of mind to use this site at you please to help you get settled in London.

We update our site regularly, but there’s still our forum for questions – if you have any questions or issues that our site had failed to address, please ask us and we will respond promptly!

From all of our team, Bealondoner wish you good luck with your new life in London!


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