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Finding your first job in London is easy, you just need to know where to look for jobs that suit your skills. If you need work ASAP, there are tons of positions in the leisure industry, restaurants, pubs, bars, etc. Qualifications aren’t the most important for these sort of jobs, but do have a CV with you, preferably with experience in the sector.

Top job-seeking websites for London employment

Lucie says,

For me, a few weeks after my arrival I sent 50 emails responding to job offers with gumtree and totaljobs, and I finally go my first job interview!

A meeting was arranged for 5pm in a restaurant near Oxford Circus. I had applied for a waitressing job at a chain called ‘Daily Bread’. My interviewers was also French and was in charge of recruiting staff for an new restaurant that was opening in Notting Hill. I answered the add on Monday, they replied back on the same day, and my interview was on Tuesday! It was a bit strange having an interview in English with a French person, but there you go!

For a first interview, don’t forget to bring a copy of your CV and proof that you are authorized to work in the UK.

During the interview, explain your background, work experience and why you are in London. You may be asked to work a couple of hours as a test to make sure to can do the job – this is typically unpaid and usually lasts three hours. Lucie remembers,

I had a practice test the day after my interview in a branch close to my home.

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