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To be recruited into finance, you must have the capacity to work hard (over 10hrs per day) and to have ambition and a professional conduct. You'll find yourself in an environment of sharks competing with people from around the world, so watch out!

An original profile and a good CV are vital. Experience is always preferable, but don’t be afraid to start small; you can still move up the ladder with tenacity and hard work. The City encourages meritocracy rather than a good network of addresses.

Banks receive thousands of CVs a day, from a broad range of people with regards to experience and education. You have to make your CV stand out in a crowd, but there can be no denying that the financial services industry recruit high achievers, so be prepared to received a lot of rejections before finally getting an interview.

It is best to already have significant professional experience in the industry, ideally within a large banking organisation. Qualifications are important but you cannot necessarily assume you’ll get a job straight out of university. There are a number of internships that each bank offers for graduates. Your initial salary may be lower than you expect, but as a graduate your salary will quickly increase in line with you’re your performance and training.

When you do get a job in the financial sector, seek out a mentor who can help you get settled into the new role and explain how to work your way up.

Show traits like your desire to learn more, a logical mind, attention to detail, and confidence in order to prove that you can keep up with the rest of the sharks in the City!

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