Working in a call centre

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If you don’t mind spending hours on the phone, then working in a call center could be an ideal solution for you.

Many companies conduct marketing research calls, with a number of call centres based in London. Working internationally, they often conduct telephone surveys to foreign countries, and speaking another language is a prerequisite of the role.

In order to get the job, you will be asked to hold a telephone conversation whilst using the computer screens in front of you for conducting the interview.

Experience is not necessary in this role; just being able to pass the admission test should be sufficient. You will typically be given a training day to learn the computer system, you’re your reading level and language skills.

After your day of training, you will be booked for various projects, depending on your availability and the workload at hand. You can work full time or part time, you’ll often have to make yourself available from one day to the next.

Your schedule will depend on the staff supply of the company. If it’s budget, you can be booked up for weeks, or if it is quiet you could spend away from work without pay. Because of this, it can sometimes be difficult to make ends meet with only a call centre job.

The salary is roughly £7/hr for about 7 hours per day, but rates also depend on the company and your level of experience.

Gautier worked in a call centre for nearly two years and adds, “This kind of job can completely change in just a day, I may well be booked up for months, and then end up with nothing overnight without any real explanation”.

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