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London is home over 43 educational institutions offering 30,000 different courses to nearly 350,000 students who have travelled to the UK from various countries. Besides the undeniable attraction offered by this cultural capital, London also offers one of the best educations in the world. Many internationally-renowned, quality institutions welcome thousands of new students each year, and the number of international students is increasing each year.

London has the largest concentration of universities in the world, making it one of the top worldwide destinations to study. As well as being able to perfect your English, you’ll receive a quality education, helping you get started in your career.

You can study as an undergraduate (University, after school, from 18yrs) or postgraduate (after initial University degree, from 21yrs, e.g. Masters/PhD). Many different degree types are available, such as Bachelors degrees: BA, BSc; Masters: MBA, MA, MSci, MPhil and Doctorates: PhD…

Course choice in various London universities is wide-ranging, from art, design, architecture, business, management and finance, social sciences, law, media, history, languages, medicine, science, engineering, and information technology to name but a few…

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