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Too help pay your tuition, there are usually scholarships you can apply for. Please note, you must be able to support yourself if you come to study at a British university, which means that you must have enough money to pay your tuition and your daily expenses. If it was not the case, you will not get permission to come and study on British soil.

However, to help in this financial burden, the ERASMUS exchange system can give you the right to apply for the many scholarships available in your home country. These grants are issued either by the regional council (dependent on funds) or by the council (only for scholarship students). Applications can take up to a year, and you’ll need to do your research to make sure that you are eligible under all the rules and exceptions.

Additionally, you can get further information on British scholarships for international students. The British Council database has information on the 270 different scholarships available, according to the selected type of study, level, etc. Alternatively, further information can be found at the international office at your chosen university.

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  • ERASMUS: European region Action scheme for the mobility of university students

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