International Student Identity Card

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The International Student Identity Card ( is recognised by UNESCO as the only valid international student card, and has been since 1968. It enables students to prove their student membership status worldwide.

The "ISIC" card is distributed to nearly 4 million students globally over 118 countries. It is useful both to managing daily life in your home-country, but also helps get discounts on travel, insurance and shopping worldwide.

To obtain this card, you can either go to an ISIC office near you or order online. You just have to pay a 13 euro registration fee, prove that you are a student (either with your school certificate, current college/uni student card, or letter from your institution), a photo ID and your signature.

Once endorsed, the card is valid for 16 months from 1 September to 31 December the following year. The minimum age for obtaining this card is 12 years. It is intended for school, college and university students, but any adults in full time education are eligible.

This card entitles you to many discounts in London, with many shops offering 5-15% discounts to cardholders. In addition, when you go to study abroad, this card allows you to obtain preferential rates to purchase your tickets, find cheap accommodation, and discounted insurance services for travel/medical/repatriation etc.

Tooltip information:

  • ISIC: International student indentity card
  • UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

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