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For those who want to learn French, the French Institute's Language Centre offers a variety of French classes available for young and old alike. With nearly 70 teachers available, French course can be arranged within the classroom environment or via private tutorials on-site or at home.

'A la carte' courses

The Institute provides courses that you can customise yourself (for students aged 14+). You can tailor the pace of your learning according to your ability based around their 30 hour course timetable. You can arrange for an intensive week-long course, or timetable weekly, monthly, bi-monthly lessons... whichever time-frame suits your learning requirements. These courses allow considerable flexibility in order to fit in with the schedules of the individual students.

Whilst an ideal refresher for review courses for exam preparation, such as GCSEs or A levels, the language center is also for adults who wish improve their French through various evening classes, or through courses funded by their company or workplace.

For Francophiles who want to practice their spoken French conversation classes are also available, with the topics covered in class being decided upon collaboratively between the student and the teacher.

New in September

Furthermore, the Language Centre is now taking bookings for new entry routes for September 2012. Online French courses will soon be available under the tutelage of a French teacher.

Additionally, a course specifically geared towards Franco-British people who are unable to attend a bilingual school in London is being prepared. This course will help the student's improvement in French, with the French practice that the student may be lacking at school.

Other innovative projects of the French Institute included courses for British teachers on teaching methods for French language classes.

France is self-defined by it's language, it's culture and it's cuisine - something that the French Institute's Director, Robin Gaëlle is well aware of. That is why, until recently, wine tastings and cheese have been organized to link the culture of France to it's gastronomic roots.

Open to all, French Institute welcomes all nationalities. London is a cosmopolitan city and there are students from all countries who wish to learn, as well as the great many British Francophiles in the UK. Participating in a language course at the Institute is also a good way to meet people who share a passion for France and its culture.


Language Centre, 14 Cromwell Place, London SW7 2JR.

Email: [email protected]



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