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For the ESOL exam, there are several levels of review:

  • General English, which sets an overall level of language,
  • Professional English, for people wanting to improve their business English skills
  • Academic English, reserved for people wishing to study English at university
  • Teaching Award, reserved for future English teachers

The ESOL is also part of a series of measures taken by the British government concerning adult education: Skills for Life. In this context, adults over 16 who want to improve their English may be part of this program (if English is not their native language).

The program teaching focuses on the vocabulary of everyday life, such as employment, housing, family, friends etc. People can receive foreign English courses at lower costs leading to a diploma recognised at European level.


Expect to pay about £30 to £40 per quarter, with teaching averaging 5 hours per week. The price is low because it is subsidised by the British government, with the cost calculated on your income and financial responsibilities. Potentially, the cost could be free of charge if your council agrees to fund you.

More information

To learn more about the text, contact 0800 093 1115. This is the French number and you can get all the information needed to pass this test and monitor progress.

Test Centres

There are about 40 testing centers in London where you can pass these tests, with the two type of test centres being ‘open’ or ‘internal’ centres. The open centres give you the opportunity to take the test as an independent candidate, without being part of the quota of students enrolled, while the internal centres are for students enrolled with a course.

Tooltip information:

  • ESOL: English for speakers of foreign languages Cambridge

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