The rent

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Rent is usually paid monthly, however the price on the contract may be confirmed in a weekly rental price. Monthly rent payments are paid ‘per calendar month’, meaning 12 equal payments per year. For a conversion from weekly to monthly, multiply the weekly amount by 4.3 (or 52/12).

Rent increases

If you sign a lease for six months on a fixed term tenancy, the rent cannot be increased within that six months period unless previously agreed, but if you extend the contract beyond six months, the owner has the right to instigate a rent increase in conjunction with a new lease.

Rent prices can be increased by your landlord, but only if you are both in agreement (unless you were previously informed of this increase when you signed the lease). If you do not agree with a rental increase, do not pay it. If you pay your increased rental amount, this will constitute your acceptance of this increase and you will not have recourse to a refund.

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