Landlord/Tenant obligations

Article reviewed: 2013/02/04 | Next review due: 2014/08/23

General obligations undertaken by each party include:

The tenant agrees to:

  • The tenant agrees to pay rent on time, as per the conditions of the lease
  • The tenant agrees to take care of the premises, without willfully damaging property, etc.
  • The tenant agrees to ensure the property is left in the same condition as when tenancy commenced and that it is clean at tidy upon expiry of the tenancy (there are several cleaning services available for this service)

The landlord agrees to:

  • The landlord agrees to pay for basic housing repairs, for example, ensuring that all matters relating to sanitation, the supply of gas, heating or electricity are in good working order, with any shared areas, walls, windows and also facilities such as toilets, sinks and showers to also be in working order.
  • The landlord agrees to take care of all the outer housing, such as access to garden, stairs, elevators, the building's facade, and sewage systems.
  • The landlord will not enter the premises without prior consent from the resident, except in cases of emergency.
  • The landlord cannot discriminate on the basis of race, sex or religion.

Tooltip information:

  • Tenant: A person or group that rents and occupies land, a house, an office, or the like, from another for a period of time; lessee

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