Moving house in London

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Moving house in London is as common as changing jobs, with people regularly moving for financial reasons, because of roommates leaving, rent increases, or just because the lease has expired.

You can hire removal companies to help you with your move, however since most rented accommodation is furnished, you probably won’t need to hire a truck and three helpers just to move a few boxes and suitcases.

There are several options within the reach of any budget:


It might seem a strange idea to move by minicab, but if you don’t have loads of stuff it could be a cheap option. Don’t forecast to confirm the fare amount before booking, unless you may get a nasty surprise! Make sure you book an authorized care and unofficial taxis are everywhere in London. The minicab should have a sticker that says ‘Transport for London’ on the windshield.


You can rent a car or van through This service offers rental of a vehicle by the hour. As long as you have a valid driver's license and a clean criminal record, you can register online for a membership fee of £59.50. The fee includes a membership card, insurance and also access to their emergency call centre.

There are over 1000 streetcars and streetvans dotted around the city, parked in specifically marked parking bays. You rent the car closest to your location and must return it in the same parking spot when you return.

The system is amazingly expensive and much cheaper than owning your own car in London if you only need it for a few journeys. It is ideal to use when you’re moving house, with the hourly rental of van just £8.95. Booking the car or van is instant and line once you’re registered, however it takes 2 weeks to get your membership card, so make sure you’re signed up in advance of when you need it!

Car/Van Rental

You can also rent a van or mini van from a nearby rental agency. Holloway car and van rental, for example, leases vehicles in North London. For a mini-van, it will cost £35 per day or £70 pounds for a weekend. Rental of a transit van would cost £47 per day or £94 for a weekend. Information can be found at Holloway car and van rental.

Public transport

The last solution is to use public transport such as the underground or bus. Obviously this solution is only practical if you have don’t have too much stuff to move and the journey isn’t too difficult. You can always find the best route by going onto Transport For London’s website,, which tells you the fastest and easiest route to get somewhere.

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