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When it comes to settling in a foreign country, you can’t take everything you own with you. Fortunately, however, most flats in London come fully- or part-furnished, meaning that you don’t need to buy all of your furniture here.

Check the inventory carefully to make sure that everything is there, and make a note of any marks or stains on the existing furniture (if it’s not down on the inventory, then the Landlord may charge you once you move out again).

However, there may still be some bits and pieces that you need, so when you agree to rent an apartment, make sure you know what furniture is included and what furniture you will need to bring yourself.


You can find furniture stores all over the city, like Ikea for example (Ikea), which has four stores in London, all accessible by public transport.

Second hand

An alternative option is to visit a charity shop that specifically sells furniture. The British Heart Foundation Furniture and Electrics (211-219 Old Kent Road SE1), for example, is located near Elephant and Castle tube station and offers a range of second hand furniture, washing machines, refrigerators, sofas etc.

For kitchen supplies, dinnerware or just vintage ornaments, Help the Aged (36-44 High Street E17), or Dalston Oxfam (570 Kingsland Road E8) are both good charity chops for a wealth of knick knacks, dinnerware and retro lamps at cheap prices.

Discount stores

There are also discount furniture stores scattered throughout the city. Look out for wharehouses with furniture spilling onto the pavement! Often they are very reasonably priced, such as the one on White Lion Street in Angel. To find one of these stores near you, use the Yellow Pages ( and look for ‘furniture retailers’ and you’ll be surprised to find several in your neighbourhood!

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