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If you’re meeting potential flatmates who will be deciding if they want you to live with them or not, you’ll have a real ‘interview’. It can be anything from a 10 minute chat, a trip to the pub, or a 1 hour interrogation!

Melinda remembers,

When I first came to visit the flat, the two other flatmates started asking questions about we, what I did for fun, if I have any annoying habits, etc. We ended up chatting and getting to know each other, and after several cups of tea, we moved onto wine! We talked for about three hours and they offered me the room that evening. I was lucky because we all got on very well right from the start!

Flatsharing is still an ideal solution in London. With so many people spread all over the city, its nice to have some friends where you live, and you soon become a small family. You may here negative stories where flatsharing hasn’t worked out, but on the whole it’s a very positive experience.

Once you agree with someone about joining their flatshare, you need to know the terms and conditions, and sign an agreement. It’s also worth getting the landlord’s contact details in case of emergency.

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