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Once you have chosen your flatmates, you need to write everything down with regards to who pays what for bills, rent, etc.

Full agreement and equality for all?

First, make sure you all agree on start and end dates on the rental agreement. Then, make sure what is included with regards to water bills, electricity, gas, telephone, internet, council tax and TV licence. Regarding electricity, some homes are equipped with a key that you can buy credit for at the local corner store. For the landline, your monthly bill should have a detailed statement so you can find out how much everyone’s call costs have been.

Make sure everything is written down and that everyone pays their fair share. Be vigilant with the cost of bills, as Isa, 23, add,

There were four of us living in our apartment, and it was Pedro who’d been there the longest and settled all the bills. We paid him our share monthly, just like we agreed and everything was fine. Then, after six months, I realised that the three of us were paying a third each for all of the bills and Pedro wasn’t paying anything!

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