Choosing your area, your local council

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Greater London is divided into 32 Boroughs, 12 within Inner London, and the remaining 20 within Outer London.

Each London borough is a Local Authority, an administrative centre responsible for running most local services in their areas, such as schools, social services, waste collection and roads. Some London borough councils also group together for such services as waste collection and disposal, e.g. the West London Waste Authority. Each Local Authority also represents a local Education Authority and Local Government Districts (elections are held every four years).

What does each Borough do?

It is important to know your Borough for concerns such as: payment of Council Tax, library information, dustbin collection, children’s schools, voter’s registration, etc.

The Greater London Authority

Above each Local Authority, the city is under the authority of the Greater London Authority (GLA). The GLA is responsible for city-wide concerns, such as the police and transport. The Mayor of London has chief executive power with the GLA, and any proposal of his must be put to the London Assembly for a vote. Since May 3, 2008, the Mayor of London has been Conservative party member, Boris Johnson.

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