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Searchable by London Borough, Postcode or Area, this section is a veritable encylopaedia of information – we have detailed statistics on average rent and purchase prices of various sized properties, population demographics and crime statistics! Click here to see more!
We have advice to help you with your move, including tips for finding housing or employment… everything you need to relocate in one of the most exciting and international capitals in the world!

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Bealondoner is also there to help you prepare for your departure, with budget calculators and help on effectively managing your arrival in London. You can also share the experience with expats who have been through it all before!



Our accommodation section will help you decide which part of London would best suit your requirements and your budget. With advice on hostels, couch-surfing and flat-sharing, we also have a fully up-to-date Borough and Postcode map of London with information on average rental and buying prices of flats, houses, studios etc, with additional information on population demographics and crime statistics.



Managing your life in a new city, or even a new country, can be difficult. We provide advice on where to shop, where to eat out, signing up with your nearest doctors and tip on security in London. For those new to the country, we also have information on the UK health system, how to open a bank account, paying taxes, even the best contracts for mobile phones.



Want to be an au pair, work in finance, or run a restaurant? Our jobs section is there to give you a starting point on where and how to look for work. We also have tips for you to better understand any UK differences you may come across. Our international interviewees share their experience of working in London and give their own hints too!



By foot, bicycle, motorbike, underground or car? London is open to all means of transport. In this section you’ll find everything you need to know to get around easily.



Want to study in London to learn English? Our education section goes through the University curriculum, the levels required, scholarship options and where and how to take language classes.

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